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We Love Our Customers and They Love Us!

    • The dog collars look as good as the day you sent them (3+ years ago).  I guess that isn’t great for business because they never wear out!


    • We ordered a collar from you several years ago and it has been the absolute best collar we have ever owned. I am constantly complemented on it and I refer people to your website all the time! (this is “Kistler” in her collar)


Rottie Kistler

    • Tater’s collar came today and its better than expected!!! Can’t wait to order one for my other lab. Just love it, fits great, he’s a happy boy…. thank you so much!!! If your looking for a well made and an amazing looking collar for your pooch, you have to look at Cowboy Cool Canine. I can not say enough about the products. My dog Tater wears his so proudly and just knows he looks great…. thanks Alex, will be ordering another one this week!


    • Oh my goodness…your work and expertise is astounding! Once again, you sent me a work of art and creativity. Thank you so much! Tierney Young


    • You have blown my expectations out of the water! I came home and checked my mail box immediately and there it was….the most PERFECT present for my lil ole hound dog Penny!!!


    • You have the best collars ever! I am just now ordering a new collar for my golden. The last one lasted 4 years and through numerous trips into the swimming pool. All studs are still intact! Karin Beale


    • Gracie Gayle is the envy of the dog park! Your collars and leashes are really cool. I’ve already had several people ask me where I got it. Thanks so much! Diane Farrell


    • Ruger with his Cowboy Cool Canine collar. We’ve had this collar for 6+ years and it’s still going strong. Would recommend your products to anyone! Shauna C Ward


    • In love with my baby girl’s new collar!! Thank you so much. It’s so well made and looks beautiful. Thanks again! Claire Parra



    • Thank you, you are truly an artist and not to mention, the best person to do business with, wow! I will sing the praises of you and your company to everyone I know. I’ll gladly write a Yelp if you have a page, or you can freely use my testimonial in any way you like Alex. I look forward to many more purchases from you, I had the best experience working with you, it was worth the short wait. But who can rush perfection? Take care and I’ll be doing more business with you very soon! Not to mention, taking a picture or two of Penny in your creation! Feel free to post her picture on Facebook or your site. Tom Nadzam


    • We just ordered our second collar and leash for our younger Golden Doodle – love your product – everybody comments on the Deputy Dawg with Turquoise… it’ll be the same with the Dakota Dawg with Turquoise! Tony Wheeler


    • I absolutely LOVE the collar and leash you made for Surry. She will not pose for me currently but I will get a great picture for your page! Incredible quality and craftsmanship! Thank you! Lori Mann Vaden


  • We got our Deputy Dawg collar in the mail yesterday and its awesome!  My blue heeler pup Landline immediately loved it, which surprised me. I thought she’d either be indifferent or perhaps annoyed by having a new (and bulkier, heavier) collar than the little nylon snap-on she’d been wearing – BUT, she literally beamed with pride. It was awesome. So thank you! Nick


    • We Just got our Bling today! Springer looks beautiful in it! She cant wait to show her Frisbee dog buddies! Thank you Cowboy Cool Canine! Jen Smith


    • I love the Beverly hillbilly collar I just received for my 5 y.o. Maltese I rescued. And the gold, silver, red heart and red stones I bought years ago for my older maltese who is now 15 is still in great shape after all these years and I constantly receive compliments. I don’t think there is anything like it in the state of Nevada. E Joyce Smith


    • We love the quality of your work and this is just a great match with Clooney’s fur… thanks! Tony Wheeler


  • This is “Sissy” our 17 month old Blue heeler. Prettiest cow dog out there and a great model! We all love her new CCC dog collar and have received several compliments on the excellent craftsmanship. Feel free to use this sample of her photography session however you wish! And thanks again from the Gauntt Family! Darryn Gauntt

Blue Heeler "Sissy" from Oklahoma wearing Dakota Dawg w/ T-stars from CCC!

    • Alex- we are thrilled with the collars and leads we got for our two 8 mos old Mastiff X’s, thank you!! Jeanne Spaziani


    • The second collar we’ve got our Turbo from Cowboy Cool Canine! Thank y’all for always making him look handsome. Seth Walker


    • Thanks so much for the awesome collar for our Australian Shepherd, Murphy. It arrived Christmas Eve – in the “nick” of time!!! And it is perfect! You done good, girl!!!!!!!!!! Judy Price


    • Collars are absolutely gorgeous. Your work is beautiful. Betty


    • Jake loves his new collar….thanks for such a awesome piece of art for him!! All the colors in the leather match him and the turquoise picks up his blue eye. Jeanne Kirk Anderson


    • Awesome Aussie “Murphy” in his awesome Christmas collar. Beautiful workmanship, much appreciated personal service. Thanks!!! Judy Price


    • Vader with his new collar. Thanks Alex…. these are the best collars you’ll find anywhere! Steve Vader


  • Finally got a decent picture of my Stella and her lovely collar. I am so pleased with your work! I think she looks stunning! LeAnn Hearnsberger

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