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ATLAS RULE #2: When She Wants You To Do ANYTHING, Make Her Wait While You Take Care of Business

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The moment she wants you to (a) go outside, (b) come inside, or (c) go for a walk, be overcome with the urge to drink your whole bowl of water, non-stop. Of course it’s always there/available, but never quite as irresistible as it is the second she wants you to do something. Do this EACH AND [...]

ATLAS RULE #1: Never Do Anything on First Request

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“Go out”, “Lay down”, “Come here”, “Get back” or “No” in a pleasant conversational tone mean nothing to you. Don’t get me wrong, you know what they mean, you just pretend not to hear and keep on doing whatever it is that you’re doing “GO OUT”, “LAY DOWN”, “COME HERE”, “GET BACK” or “NO” in a firmer, [...]

Intro to ATLAS RULES– Tips on Forever Challenging the Momstress’s Alpha Status

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Atlas, my impossible but charming Anatolian Shepherd-mix rescue dog that inspired Cowboy Cool Canine / CCC Dog Collars, has pretty much driven me crazy for 10 years by refusing to completely accept me as the “Momstress”, AKA alpha boss lady. I’ve raised and trained lions, tigers, leopards (and a monkey) and I swear none have given me as [...]