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  • Every western dog collar / leash here at CCC is CUSTOM HANDCRAFTED TO ORDER, so getting the size right is VERY important. Please measure and order size according to instructions/diagram on the SIZING page, and email alex@cccdogcollars.com if you have any questions
  • UNTOOLED collars / leashes come in dark burgundy-brown or black latigo leather. Latigo leather is specially treated or tanned in hot oils and/or waxes, making it exceptionally strong, durable and weather-resistant. All edges are beveled (rounded) and sealed with a weather-resistant edge coating
  • My TOOLED and stamped / embossed leather collars are made with a slightly lighter-weight full-grained cowhide leather in two-tone brown or all black, and the two-tone brown will darken naturally with wear/time
  • Larger collars will have nickel-plated steel roller buckles and D-rings attached with Chicago screws that I “glue when I screw” so they won’t work their way loose. Smaller collars will have lighter-weight nickel-plated strap buckles and D-rings attached with rivets. 3 piece buckle sets are all silver-plated or silver/gold-plated, and all full-size sets are quite heavy/bulky, so shop appropriately for your dog’s neck
  • Free USPS shipping in USA, Int’l USPS Priority shipping is $30
  • Turnaround from order date TO shipping is @ 2 weeks

Cozy up to the campfire, cuddle your canine and prick up your ears!

It all began when I got Atlas, (sadly) my recently deceased 12 yr old NASRN Anatolian-mix rescue pup, whom I referred to affectionately as “the best impossible dog in all the world”…

Basically retired from a career working with wild animals in the entertainment industry (some credits), and more than a year after losing two of three dogs to illness and old age, I was finally ready to open my heart to a new dog. Committed to giving rescued dogs a home, I visited Petfinder.com. After searching page after page from dusk until dawn in cyberspace, THERE HE WAS! I don’t know why he jumped off the page at me, but jump he did, right into my heart. Quite simply: HE WAS MY DOG AND I HAD TO HAVE HIM! Even though he was in a foster home in Texas and I was in California, I became completely obsessed with him. I visited his homepage every time I was online, and even sent him a love letter expressing my undying devotion and desire to bring him to California. The people at the National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network and his foster parents were very tolerant of my overtures, going above and beyond the call of duty to arrange a 1000+ mile relay to get him from Texas to California before Thanksgiving.

Christmas the following year, I wanted to get him a new and special collar. As he was no ordinary dog, no ordinary collar would do and the hunt was on. It had to be cowboy, it had to be cool, it had to have style and some good ol’ Western bling. The problem was, western dog collars were few and far between at that time, and what I wanted for Atlas was nowhere to be found. 

So I hunted for tooled and embossed / stamped leather and learned about crafting it into dog collars. I searched high and low for conchos, bezels and other western bling, and began making these. Soon Atlas had a rack full of collars for any and all occasions. He was very pleased… we hope you will be, too. Before launching my first website, I sold them on Ebay for over a year and got 100% positive feedback.

Custom orders are happily accepted with tail a-waggin‘… show solidarity with your canine campadre with a coordinated cuff wristband, belt or hatband. If it’s not on the website, just email and tell me what you want… it’s OK, only you and your dog will know!